War Hawk

War Hawk is an Apache warrior. He and his tribe saved Zeke, Verity, Patrick Breen, Alan Cross, and the settlers from Commander Dar's aliens. Despite saving the settlers, War Hawk was indifferent towards them and only offered them shelter to his tribe's camp for three days. Although despite his understand attitude towards the American settlers, War Hawk grown attractive towards Verity in which she responded in kind.

War Hawk accompanied Zeke and Ra Chak Kai in sneaking past into Silver City through the town's abandoned silver mine - as recommended by Alan Cross - and locating a cache of dynamite to be use in destroying the beacon that was to contact a House of Dar armada while the rest of the Apaches and American settlers in providing a diversion against Commander Dar. War Hawk also caught No Name for following them. He and the group were attacked by Dar's men and their Maw Hunters. War Hawk dispose of the aliens in single combat. The group fled and found a mining shed across a chasm where they expected the dynamites are stored. After disposing the Maw Hunters, they then realized of Cross's treachery upon finding the shed empty. Despite this, Zeke learned of a crate of explosives salvaged from Commander Dar's ship in Silver City and decide use it on the beacon. The group infiltrate into Silver City but only to be caught by Commander Dar.

By the next morning, War Hawk and the others were about to be executed via firing squad but fortunately to be saved by the arrival of the Apaches and the settlers. During the battle, War Hawk fought Gan-Alar but was barely overpower by the six-armed alien. Their fight brought into the local church where the beacon was built on top of its roof. Verity intervene, but was likewise beaten by Gan-Alar. When the beacon was destroyed, it caused the church's bell tower to fell Gan-Alar before War Hawk quickly grab Verity to safety. Verity thanked War Hawk with a passionate kiss, thus establishing their relationship.