Verity is hired to protect a group of Patrick Breen's people to Silver City. She is Zeke Jackson's partner.

During an attack by the Apache, Verity was separated from Zeke who attempted to ride out to Fort Larrabie for help. After the Apache were frighten away by what appear to be the sound of thunder (actually a crashing spaceship), Verity continue in leading Breen's people to Silver City and finding it a rundown ghost town as informed by is mayor Alan Cross. Thereafter, Verity was reunited with Zeke and was warn about the aliens led by Commander Dar. When the aliens attack Silver City, which Verity salvaged a plasma-like whip from the aliens and efficiently used against the invaders. She and Zeke retreated with Breen's settlers and being saved the Apaches led by Chief Medicine Crow.

While staying with the Apache, Verity earned the interest of War Hawk. She and the others learned from the female alien Ra Chak Kai that Commander Dar is building a beacon in Silver City to contact a large spaceship fleet of the House of Dar to conquer Earth. Verity observe the Apache's war dance and becoming closely attracted to War Hawk. Zeke notice their attraction and talked to her about this which ended in a row, as Verity revealed has some mistrust towards Kai and punching Zeke after calling her for being jealous of Kai.

Verity participated in the raid on the town as a diversion for Zeke, War Hawk, and Kai to destroy the beacon. However, the raid was repel and Verity was captured alongside with Breen and Medicine Crow. She was also witness to Cross's betrayal who sought to seek his own survival in siding with Commander Dar and warning him about the distraction. However, Cross was then instead was imprisoned in which Verity shows her wrath on him for his treachery.

By the next morning, Verity and the others were sentenced to a firing squad and were fortunately saved by the settlers and Apaches. During the battle, Verity and War Hawk fought Dar's First Officer Gan-Alar and were under-matched by him. Verity was almost killed by Gan-Alar before being saved by War Hawk as the bell tower they were under in fell and killed Gan-Alar. Verity thanked War Hawk with a passionate kiss, thus establishing their relationship.