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The Bracelet is a small powerful direct-energy weapon. At first, it only seems to activate when the aliens were present (possibly due to some kind of a wire-free energy source), but the wearer Jake Lonergan learned to activate it whenever he was in danger. He acquired it when the alien leader, known in the novelization as "Red Scar", took it off before experimenting on him and Alice and put it down next to him. When he broke free, he inadvertently put his arm in it and it attached to his arm. The wearer of The Bracelet is able to use it with thought, it's possible that The Bracelet can pick up electrical signals from nerve endings. It also has advanced holographic targeting, in the beginning, Jake was able to shoot down an alien craft with precision and accuracy thanks to the HUD. The Bracelet seems to have a very powerful energy cell, with that it seems to have unlimited ammunition (though it may need to recharge if fired too much). It also seems to have a self-destruct as Ella destroyed the alien mothership by causing it to explode. It is controlled by thought and can only be taken off by clearing your mind. During the final battle, several aliens possessed these and used them to attack.