Silver City is a small mining town in the old west, which once was prosperous but the mine ran dry. Which quickly forced its populous residents to abandon the town into neglect. Silver City was founded by Alan Cross who discovered silver in the foothills five years prior to 1873. Only Cross and a prospector named Jeb remained in Silver City. The town was destined to be settle by Patrick Breen and his settlers from Buffalo, New York in which Cross then acting as head of the town's Homesteaders' Bureau promised in selling them land for settlement. Silver City was targeted by aliens led by Commander Rado Dar who occupied the town and used it as their base of operation in constructing a beacon on the town's bell tower to signal a House of Dar fleet to convey on Earth. Silver City became a battlefield between the aliens and an alliance of human settlers and the Apache tribes, in which saw the humans destroying the beacon and defeating the invaders.