Medicine Crow

Medicine Crow is a Apache chief and a former soldier who served the Union during the American Civil War. He was observing the attack on Patrick Breen's settlers for trespassing into Apache land and spotted Zeke Jackson in his attempt to escape to Fort Larrabie, which he orders several Apache warriors into following him.

Later, Medicine Crow saved the settlers from Commander Dar's aliens and offered them shelter with his people. Also, among the settlers was Alan Cross, the mayor of Silver City, in which Medicine Crow revealed Breen and the settlers about Cross's deception into illegally selling Indian land to them. Medicine Crow learned of Ra Chak Kai's information about Commander Dar's intentions in building a beacon at Silver City in contacting a House of Dar fleet to reinforce his rule over Earth. Medicine Crow realized the danger of the alien's technological power and keenly sees that only guile is the humans' greatest weapon against the invaders. He joined in leading the battle against aliens alongside with Verity and Breen as a diversion for Zeke, War Hawk, and Kai to infiltrate Silver City and destroy the beacon. However, Medicine Crow and the others were ultimately captured and sentenced to a firing squad on the next morning. Fortunately, they were saved by the settlers and Apaches, and ultimately defeating the aliens. In the aftermath, Medicine Crow engage with Breen in establishing a peaceful alliance and coexistence between the settlers and the Apache.