Gan Alar 02

Gan-Alar was Commander Rado Dar's Second Officer. Unlike his species, he is noted to possess six arms. He and his Commander was stranded on Earth and follow his leader's orders in seeing the planet's domination. Gan-Alar was soon promoted to First Officer after his predecessor Nan-Kamash argued with Commander Dar against squandering their resources on killing humans and was killed for his argument. After Commander Dar's forces took over Silver City, Gan-Alar took six human repeating rifles as his prize. During the final battle against the humans in Silver City, Gan-Alar faced against Apache warrior War Hawk and Verity. Gan-Alar was too formidable against the two humans and took the fight inside the local church where the beacon to contact the House of Dar fleet was built on top of the building's roof. Gan-Alar was ultimately killed when the beacon's destruction caused the church's bell tower to collapse and fell on Gan-Alar.