Alan Cross

Alan Cross is the founder and mayor of Silver City after finding silver in the foothills where the town would later be established. After for some five years of the town's founding, the mine ran out and turning Silver City into a ghost town. Cross stayed in Silver City along with a prospector named Jeb. He, however, decided to regain his fortune back by illegally selling Indian lands belonging to the Apache to Patrick Breen and his settlers.

After arrived into Silver City, Cross fled with them after aliens commanded by Commander Rado Dar attack the town. He help the people in losing the aliens by guiding them through a maze of canyons before being rescue by Chief Medicine Crow and his Apache tribe. The settlers were offered a temporarily stay with the Apache and subsequently Cross's illegal selling to Breen's people was uncovered, in which Cross was angrily chased by the said settlers. Cross later hear from Ra Chak Kai about Commander Dar's intentions in building a beacon at Silver City in contacting a House of Dar fleet to reinforce his rule over Earth. Cross then helped the settlers and Apache in an attempt to destroy the beacon by informing about the silver mine being use to bypass into the town and as well obtaining a cache of dynamite in the mine to destroy the beacon. However, Cross actually lied about the dynamite and intended on siding with Commander Dar for his own survival. He told Dar about the others - Zeke, Ra Chak Kai, and War Hawk - inside the mine. Afterward, Cross hoped that this crucial information would gain Dar's trust, but despite his treachery he was instead imprisoned with the other human prisoners and faced retribution from Verity.